Karen Ann Charters
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Striped Bass Charters

Our Striped Bass Charters are unlike any other charter you have experienced. Our preparations begin two hours before you arrive to the boat. We fish with live bait such as Bunker, Herring, and Mullet that we must catch before each trip. Consequently, a great deal of work is put into each of our charters making it a truly unique experience. Great catches of "Trophy" striped bass make all the effort well worth it. Upon request, we will have you come aboard with us to catch bunker before your charter, which can be quite an experience if you've never seen it done.


As the fall approaches we begin our blackfish trips. Once again we catch most of our bait for this fishing. "White" crabs are a must for the latter part of the season that will improve your catch. Limit catches are pretty common with many fish exceeding 10lbs.